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About Akko (Acre)

Akko is a living and boisterous World Heritage City, an Ottoman city that was built in the 18th and 19th centuries and which sits on top of a Crusader town from the 12th and 13th centuries. It is a typical Mediterranean city where buildings are clustered together, where both public and private festivities are celebrated in the public realm, and where rooftops often serve as a secondary living room. ​


Above ground you will find the market, vibrant stone alleys, breathtaking views, wonderful people and a renowned food scene. Under ground you will find the past complete with soaring halls and winding tunnels.

The town is small and walkable, and all the attractions are but a few minutes away by foot. Favorite attractions include the Halls of the Crusader Citadel, the Templar's tunnel, the City Walls Promenade, the port, the Turkish Hamams (one a museum, and one active), the market, the beach and local food. Additionally, the city boasts one of the best contemporary culinary scenes in Israel.

On the other side of the Old City walls the Mediterranean offers yet more attractions: beaches, boat and line fishing, surfing, Tornado boats and sailing. 


If you wish to venture out of the city - Akko is an ideal base for travelers to explore the Northwestern region of Israel. It is conveniently located for trips to the Western Galilee with its many attractions, and to the Northern Israeli coastal shores of the Mediterranean.

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 Useful information about Akko (Acre)


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Restaurants (sellected restaurants offer a 10% discount to Alma's guests)

 CARAMEL - Gluten-free bakery


Akko's Market Bites Card

 For information related to attractions and activities in the Western Galilee 


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